Our Philosophy

We believe in shared value and hence we look to value add to our investments. Our philosophy is value investing through acquiring prime assets and rejuvenating these assets through our management to achieve sustainable and long term returns.

We are a business that embrace the values that have brought us here today--honesty, tenacity and sustainability. We believe in partnership and creating shared value through an enterprise-first mindset.

Our Story

Established in 1968, we began as a property holding company of Nanyang Finance Limited and we expanded into property development, marine ship building & repair, hospitality and financial investments. Having built our portfolio today from nothing almost 70 years ago, we understand the need for businesses with a vision, to find partners who are willing to go the distance with them.

We continue to look out for the next phase of our growth by sustaining and expanding our current portfolio. We seek to leverage on our experience in marine, building & construction as well as real estate management and related businesses to build an enterprise that will leave a lasting legacy.

Contact Us

Contact us if you are interested to join us to expand our portfolio, partner us in your business or simply just to know more about us!